fundamentally transforming cancer care, for everyone

Imagine a future where we can detect cancer at its earliest stages.


All of us are touched by cancer in some way – either directly or through the people in our lives. Yet, current tools detect few cancers and only after the disease has progressed. For many, these are inaccessible.

We believe in a world where early detection of cancer is not only possible but affordable and available, where we can identify those with cancer before they can be called patients. This is our vision, our mission and our purpose.


What if we could test for numerous cancers in a pre-disease state and use the results to inform therapeutic interventions?

At Harbinger Health, we are bringing together unique insights into the biology of cancer’s origin with artificial intelligence and the latest screening technologies.

We are rewinding cancer’s trajectory back to the beginning. We have identified biological programs that are present in the earliest forms of cancer, before the development of tumors, before the onset of symptoms, before cancer starts to make its mark on the lives of people. We’re developing proprietary solutions for the future of cancer pre-emption, starting with blood-based tests that enable the detection of early cancer. In this new paradigm, cancer screening is accessible to all, including those who have fallen the furthest behind in health care and prevention.